About Citroparts

After years of experience in restoration, we have gained a lot of knowledge about the whole range of spare parts for classic Citroëns, from several suppliers. We have decided to share this knowledge with our customers, and we try to find the best quality-parts for you classic car.

In 2009 CITROPARTS.COM became the official distributor for the north of Europe for Méhari Club Cassis. This manufacturer is the only one on the market that can use the original molds from Citroën, and has all the original licenses, that's why we can offer you original new parts for your classic car. You benefit from this cooperation because we take care of the transport of the goods. So you only pay shipping costs from Tienen instead of France!
CITROPARTS.COM offers quality parts for the following types: 2cv4, 2cv6, Dyane, Acadiane, DS, HY and Méhari.

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