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These terms and conditions apply to all agreements with all companies, institutions and natural or legal persons who have contacted CITROPARTS.COM.


CITROPARTS.COM, belonging to CQS BVBA, with its registered office at the

Wulmersumsteenweg 155, 3300 Tienen.

Tel: 0032 (0)16/81.90.89

Fax: 0032 (0)16/62.42.16

E-mail: sales@citroparts.com

VAT number: BE0473.587.652

IBAN: BE76132543050295


hereinafter referred to as 'Seller'.


Accepting an offer, placing an order or making a purchase implies that the CUSTOMER accepts the applicability of these general terms and conditions, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. These terms destroy and replace all foregoing.

The provisions of these general terms and conditions may only be deviated from in writing, in which case the other provisions shall, however, remain in full force and effect. All rights and claims in these general terms and conditions for the benefit of the SALES REPRESENTATIVE are also stipulated for the benefit of the third parties engaged by SALES REPRESENTATIVE.

Acceptance of the order

CITROPARTS.COM is only attached by an order after they have a written acknowledgement. The product and pricing information, as well as the detailed order information, have been drawn up and communicated subject to changes and corrections.

Prices and payment

The prices valid at the time of the order are applicable. All prices indicated are in euros, including the statutory VAT, and exclusive of shipping costs, unless otherwise indicated or agreed in writing.

The SALESMAN expressly reserves the right to change the prices and its rates and to correct any errors. Should the customer be disadvantaged as a result, he shall be informed of this in writing and shall have the right to cancel the order within ten days of becoming aware of it.

The MERCHANT cannot be held liable for any printing or other errors in its prices or conditions, nor for any errors in the product descriptions and/or illustrations.

For all purchases, the SALES REPRESENTATIVE accepts payments by bank transfer or credit card. When the customer picks up the purchases, he or she can pay cash (or with bankcard/credit card in case of availability). When the customer prefers to pay by bank transfer or credit card, the products will be sent after receiving of the payment by the SALESMAN.

From the due date of the invoice, interest on arrears shall be due by operation of law on all outstanding amounts, without prior notice of default being required, at the rate of twelve percent (12%) on an annual basis, each month commenced being considered as an expired month. Besides that, the outstanding amounts will automatically and by law be increased by ten percent (10%), with a minimum of one hundred euros (? 100). In addition to this, any legal costs and collection costs will be borne by the customer.

Supply conditions

The products are only delivered in the countries for which the website allows the delivery, or in other countries following written confirmation by the SALESMAN. The delivery of products will be as far as possible within the time limit specified in the individual order confirmation. Incorrectly transmitted delivery addresses shall be the CUSTOMER's responsibility and may result in additional costs. Unless otherwise agreed, our services does not include the costs of transport and delivery of the goods. The costs of transport and delivery shall be stated separately on the individual order confirmation.

The delivery time varies from product to product. The indication of this period is only indicative. CITROPARTS.COM endeavours to respect this deadline, but cannot be held liable if this deadline is exceeded. None delay delivery may give rise to cancellation of the purchase or payment of indemnification in favour of the CUSTOMER.

The CONTRACTING PARTY shall be entitled to make partial deliveries. In case of non-delivery of the goods, any sums paid by the CUSTOMER shall be reimbursed without interest or other compensation.

Retention of title

All articles remain the property of the ORDER until full payment of the price, including all costs and charges, default interest and compensation. In the event of non-payment, CITROPARTS.COM reserves the right to take back the goods, by operation of law and at the expense of the CUSTOMER.


Upon receipt of the goods, the CUSTOMER shall check the articles for visible defects.

Visible defects must be reported in writing to the CONTRACTING PARTY within 7 working days of delivery. Non-visible defects must be reported within 7 working days of the discovery of the to be notified in writing to the ORDER.

The possibility to file a complaint lapses if the defect or the damage is a consequence of incorrect handling, insufficient maintenance or incorrect assembly.

Complaints regarding our invoices must be submitted in writing within 14 days of the invoice date to the submission of the ORDER.

Even if the CUSTOMER lodges a complaint about an article within this period, his obligation shall remain as follows to payment.


In general we give a warranty of 12 months on our articles, unless otherwise stated.

Our guarantee is limited to the guarantee for hidden defects and the guarantee in the event of a consumer purchase, both provided for in the Law of 1 September 2004 on the protection of consumers in the event of the sale of consumer goods.

We shall not be liable for any general or special indirect damage, of whatever nature, suffered by the CUSTOMER.

Renunciation law

In the context of distance selling to consumers, the CUSTOMER shall have the right to inform the SALESMAN that he renounces the purchase, without payment of any penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery. In the event that the CUSTOMER invokes this possibility, he or she shall, at his own risk and expense, transport the goods and return it to the SALESPERSON:


Wulmersumsteenweg 155

3300 Tienen


CITROPARTS.COM will in that case be obliged to pay the purchase amount due, excluding the to refund shipping costs within 30 calendar days to the CUSTOMER's account number.

If, later than 14 calendar days after delivery, the CUSTOMER wishes to have the purchased article CITROPARTS.COM will return 70% of the purchase amount due as an allowance excluding shipping costs within 30 calendar days of receipt of the returned item to pay back to the CUSTOMER's account number, up to a maximum 6 months after the date of invoice.

If the CUSTOMER wishes to return an item more than 6 months after the date of the invoice, the following shall apply CITROPARTS.COM does not refund anything.

Goods designed or developed specifically for the CUSTOMER (e.g. paints, personalised articles, etc.) shall not be taken back and the CUSTOMER may therefore not rely on the renunciation clause.


The CONTRACTING PARTY may never be held liable for the partial or total non-performance of its obligations to the extent that such non-performance is attributable to a failure to comply with the provisions of this Agreement. force majeure, i.e. an event which is treated as such, i.e. the fulfilment by the ORDER OF THE COURT OF THE SELLING PARTIES of its undertakings. Force majeure should include, but is not limited to without this list being exhaustive: fire, storm or emergency service, flooding, war, attacks, strikes, lockouts, interruptions of postal services and/or of means of communication, etc.

Personal information

By placing an order on the website of CITROPARTS.COM, the CUSTOMER expressly authorises to the processing and use of his/her personal data for purposes such as administration of the customer base, the management of orders, deliveries and invoices, the follow-up of the solvency, marketing and advertising. The processing for marketing purposes and the Individualised advertising shall only take place if the CUSTOMER has expressly agreed to this. declared during the order process. The ORDER shall not be allowed to transfer the data to third parties.

The CUSTOMER shall have the right to inspect and rectify all data and at all times the right to oppose processing for direct marketing purposes free of charge. For more The CUSTOMER shall be invited to turn to the public register kept up to date with The Commission for the Protection of the Personal Spheres of Life in Brussels.


Within the framework of their relations, all parties accept the electronic evidence

(For example, e-mail, backups, scans, etc.).

Applicable rate of duty

All agreements concluded with CONTRACTING PARTIES are governed by Belgian law. All disputes between parties will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of belong to the judicial district of Leuven.

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